Search by title or description in probsummary without IR keys

Is it possible to search by description and title if the IR keys are removed from the probsummary dbdict? OCML does not have any IR keys in the dbdict and it will search by title or description. What will happen if the data is removed with steps below?

  1. Backup table scirexpert
  2. Delete the data from this table (do not delete the table)
  3. Remove IR keys from dbdict
  4. Remove the IRFields entries
  5. Regen the table (is this necessary to permanently remove the IR Keys)
  • As there is no IR in the OCML table and you can seach by title and description then I would expect it to continue to work even if you run the steps you mentionned. However it is crutial for us to understand how you are searching by title and description ? EXACT STEPS PLEASE. I think you are searching via the catalog and it is using the IR key from svcDisplay and not from OCML

    however, all IR search will stop working after you apply steps you have listed

  • Here are the steps: From Request Management > Line Items > Search Line Items > Advanced Filter > Add Filter Criteria > Field in Line Item  (select Description from drop down menu) > Comparison (select Contains) > Value (Enter Text) > Next



  • If you only want to search without IR you need to put the following value in the sm.ini ir_disable:1 and remove te fields from dbdict of probsummary in the tab keys.

    Be careful, you will need to restart the sm service for the ir_disable works.

    If you only put the value in the sm.ini you won't be able to search nothing by this fields.