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I have a situation where when a change manager of a group approves in one phase (in Change Management) approval is transcended to all phases thereafter.  For example if approval is done in phase 1, phase 2, 3, 4 are automatically approved. The change manager is selecting the override option, and approve all.  Can anyone tell me how to stop that?

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    The change manager should be part of one specific  approval group or at least be member of the current one on that phase in specific. The "override option" should be used as a workaround when the person who should approve is  for example out of the office so, a SM admin could use it to continue with the normal process until he/she returns.



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    The change manager is a member of CAB, and the cab is in all phases.  when she approves in the first phase, approval automatically take place in all the other phases.  I would like approval to occur only in the current phase and as the change progresses she can approve in the other phases when that time arrives.  thanks

    any help would be appreciated.

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    You may use the "Reset Approvals" option into the phase configuration.



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    what would that do?


    This is from HP


    I was able to find the information and explanation that you are looking for. What you are experiencing with the automatic approval is working as designed.


    There were 2 defects that were corrected with the rollout of PD3.


    QCCR1E79572 states:


    Automatic Approval no longer works after migrating from the classical Change Management to Process Designer.



    Previous to Process Designer, the approval group that a user belongs to is passed to generate the approval. However, in Process Designer, the group is not passed and the auto approval does not work. This fix allows the approval group to be passed as a parameter and allows the auto-approval to function as expected.


    So what you are experiencing is working as designed. What you are experiencing is working as designed. If a user that is logged in with admin authority, and they are in the approval group for that phase, the approval will be automatic


    Note: There are Object records “Approval” and “ApprovalDelegation”.  The default on the “preapproval on open” field is set to true. You could set it to false, however perform adequate testing to determine what overall effects it may have on your workflows.  Below is a description of the field:

    Determines whether the record should be automatically approved.


    If the condition is true, and the user belongs to one of the pending approval

    groups, the approval is processed automatically. If the user does not belong to

    one of the pending approval groups, the approval does not occur automatically,

    and must then go through the regular approval process.


    The default is true


    So if you select the next phase or have it set up to transition automatically to the next phase….and you are in the approval group, then it will be automatically approved.


    I also found this defect that was also corrected in PD3 that talks about the override function. Thought this would be of interest.


    QCCR1E74227 also states:


    You cannot configure override permissions for operators with the new Process Designer Content Patch installed and security roles. Prior to the Content Patch, override permissions for operators would be configured in the change profiles, which are no longer used.






    The "change.view_approve" display option was modified and "admin in $L.env" is used instead of "approve.override in $L.env." These changes grant the admin user the approval.override permission.

  • Hi, I want to override approval from rest service. i found the rest service url but i don't know how what will be the request body. can you please give me the information how to override appove and deny process with admin uses by passing grouid and comments through rest service.


    http://<server>/SM/9/rest/Approval/<CM Id>/action/approve?CurrentPendingGroups=group

  • So don't use the override and approve all function.  It will override group assignments and approve ALL approvals.  If your user cannot approve without using these functions, then the group assignments are incorrect.