Running SM web client within a tab of another application...

I've been asked to investigate if it is possible to run SM within a tab of another application - yes I know... :(

So a quick try suggested that it fails because of a setting in the web response header



      <add name="X-Frame-Options" value="DENY" />




Does anyone know if it is possible to change this? If so what are the implications (other than untold chaos and it being a usability disaster waiting to happen...)

Thanks in advance


  • Verified Answer

    So...I haven't tried this, but that X-Frame-Options header is set in the /webtier/WEB-INF/classes/application-context.xml file. You could try changing the value there - or commenting out the whole bean - and see what happens.

    I'm pretty sure that HP obviously won't support an instance of the SM webapp embedded in another app/webpage, even if making this change allows it to work. And I'll say nothing about how bad your customer's idea of an embedded SM is. :P It's a pretty interface (at least 9.34 ) and you can brand the heck out of it! They should use it and like it. ;)

  • Thanks for the reply. I already told them it was a very bad idea, I was just after some confirmation :)

    As far as the interface goes, they have essentially built a portal incorporating data from other sources as well as SM, so a lot of my current customization is around using the SM data and engine via the API's... different and interesting, if sometimes difficult and frustrating...