HPSM- How to display creation date in todo list



How i can display the creation date colum of interation/incident in ToDolist

  • Hi, If I look at the dbdict, the Todo table, the only DATE type field is the target.date field but it isn't the creation date.

    The Todo table has records from all modules : incidents, changes, etc...  but  there's not the same (name) field for creation date: 

    probsummary has the open.time

    incidents has the open.time

    cm3r has the orig.date.entered

    Perhaps that's the reason why it's not possible to add only 1 field with the creation date to the Todo table that suits for all the modules. 

    I've the same question like Mitisha


  • Everything is possible.  You just have to be willing to code to make it work.

    First, you need to add a new field to the Todo dbdict

    Then, you have to update the TodoMap record to copy the contents of the various open time date fields from the other modules into your new custom field.

    It isn't retroactive (the contents of the Todo record only get updated as the records themselves get updated) but it will apply to any new record going forward.

    Though I think the intention of the Todo table is to give you a high level of work that needs to be done, rather than the drill-in kind of details you'd get from a view of the records in that module.  Todo isn't supposed to tell you everything about every Interaction, Incident, Change, Problem, Task, etc... It's supposed to be your reminder of work, to point you to those other modules.