Integrating HP service manager WEB client to an extran portal [enportal from edge technologies]

one of my major customer has a new Commercial portal from Edge technologies [enportal]

And they are trying to integrate some of HP products being used at etisalat  [PI,NNM,SM,OMi,OMU].

1- NNMi is successfully integrated

2- now they are trying to integrate our HP SM ver 9.x to this portal.

    But they are facing some issues



The following are the issue they raised:


  • Service Manager (SM) Application is using a lot of Javascript libraries.

The Javascript libraries appear assuming SM application running in a browser window as an only application.

That is, it assumes to be the top application inside a browser window.


  • In order for it to be proxied inside a portal container, the SM application needs to run inside a portal iframe.

That is, the SM application needs to be also run inside an iframe which is not the top window in a browser window.


  • Has an SM application been known to be able to run inside an iframe?

Is that technical possible?