Enabling Collaboration in Service Manager

Hi All,


I am setting up the Collaboration server in one of my labs.  In the interactive Install guide. I am trying to set the BOSH URL and PluginURL fields from within HPSM.  


I have them set as 

Bosh URL: localhost:7443/http-bind

Pluigin URL: https://localhost:9091/plugins


I have configured Apache with the following reverse proxy settings.


ProxyPass /of-http-bind localhost:7443/http-bind
ProxyPassReverse /of-http-bind localhost:7443/http-bind

ProxyPass /of-plugins https://localhost:9091/plugins
ProxyPassReverse /of-plugins https://localhost:9091/plugins


and I keep getting a messagin from within HPSM "You are not connected to the collaboration server".  Anyone experienced this and suggestions on where to start looking?