HPSM940 - Link Color in Web tier & Scheduled Reports


I have two items.

  1. How do i go about changing the link color. normal and hover for the webtier ( color blind people, in blue can't see the link color in the ToDo Queue ). I tried changing the webtier.css file but it does not work even if the file is saved.
  2. The Schedueled Reports are failing, due to "Report Export Task Aborted after 3 tries". I enabled "export reports via email by default ) and turned on the required sm proccess in the background as per help, they appear to be running. I'm thinking it could be the path for "Location of Exported report" but I'm not sure what format it needs to be, i.e C:\ or C:\\ or C:/ and so on.

Thanks in Advance,

  • It seems for #2 whenever the report.export.distribute schd runs the following error shows up under sm.log

      4100(  3344) 02/02/2016 13:16:48  RTE   utalloc found 10 potential leaks of 33104 bytes (81984 bytes with overhead)

      4100(  3344) 02/02/2016 13:16:48 Thread report.export.distribute_thread_3 has thrown an uncaught exception!

      4100(  3344) 02/02/2016 13:16:48 com.hp.ov.sm.server.utility.GenericServerThread.symanContinue(Native Method)

      4100(  3344) 02/02/2016 13:16:48 com.hp.ov.sm.server.utility.GenericServerThread.run(GenericServerThread.java:58)

    my sm.ini file only has


    sm -system start

    sm report.export

    In the sm.cfg i included the export path as well