Skip "Solution Matching" for Incidents in 9.40

Dear All,

In HPSM 9.40, need your guidance to skip "Solution matching" page which comes after we click on "Escalate" button in interaction module.

Attached the screenshot of the page for reference. Any help is highly appreciated.




  • Just to add,

    I have already tried the below methods, but none were successful

    1. In the table imMatchQuery deleted all of them ,

    2. In Incident workflow removed "Incident matching" ruleset

    Looking forward for your reply guys.



  • Verified Answer

    Hi Madhu,

    There is a Process record called during escalation called sd.escalate.  In the RAD tab of that Process record there is a RAD application called incident.matching with a condition of:

    jscall("ServiceDeskSwitch.getSDSwitch")=false and $ and $L.continue and $L.exists=true and ($L.escalateRelation="Escalated Incident" or $L.escalateRelation="Escalated Request" or $L.escalateRelation="Escalated Problem")

    You could either manipulate that condition directly to set it to false, or determine if there is a way to make that condition evaluate to false.  When I tested setting it to false directly the Incident Matching screen did not come up and instead I was taken directly to the new IM ticket.  I hope this helps.




  • Hi Audrey,

    Even I figured out at the same time. Thanks Audrey for your kind reply and suggestions.



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