SM 9.40 CTI through web client problems


My customer has migrated to SM 9.40. A call center is experiencing problems with the CTI plugin.

CTI has been configured so when a telephone call arrives, SM 9.40 will open a new interaction pre-filled with the customer informaiton.

The functionnality is working for only 8 out of 13 dispatchers .

All of them are using IE 11, on Win 7 SP1, java 7, verified SM9 URL with parameter telephonyuser=1 on all pc, and also verified that plugin is launched.

Telephonic system is alcatel, also working with a plugin called CCA. 

Does anyone has experienced this kind of trouble, or does has any idea of what can disturb DDE communication between these plugnis?

  • Greetings.

    Please provide more details about the issue, the interaction is not being generated when the call enters? if there is some kind of error message or pop up message? is the communication not being established?

    Also please provide details about the system information.

  • Hi Jhonny,

    Thanks for answering.

    For those who are experiencig problems, interactions are not being generated when the call enters. Sometimes we got a message from alcatel plugin saying could not open channel with HP_Service_Manager server. DDE connection is not being established eventhough the HP SM9.40 plugin is running.

    From time to time a connection gets established in the middle of the day, and all the calls of the morning generates an interaction at on time. This behavor has been reported about 4 or 5 times.

    SM 9.40 is running in 2 Aix Servers each of them are running 2 SM servlets,  database is Oracle,  there are 2 webservers on Linux / Apache / Tomcat in front end.

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  • This might end up being a complex issue to troubleshoot. Have you tried tracing the CTI connections in the sm.log?