SM9.34.4001 - Issue with the Linker process

We have a couple of issues with the Linker process in our system and I was wondering if anyone else has seen these issues and has any suggeastions on how to possibly resolve them...

1. Linker is unable to keep up with the number of schedule records created for it to process during out core business hours. There are around 150-170 schedule records created each minute for linker to process (mostly interoperability records) and linker cannot process this many in a minute so it falls behind.

By 2pm on a business day linker is more than 2 hours behind which means that users start noticing that interactions that should be related to incidents etc, are not...

2. Linker is sometimes updating tickets with unrelated updates from (presumably) other tickets that are not related to this ticket in any way. This happens infrequently but may be related to the item above?

As a workaround we tried running a second processor called "linker2" and updated 1000's of schedule records to be processed by linker to to alleviate the backlog but this caused problems when processing updates for ticket originating from SRC... It seems there is some code in places that is expecting these records to be processed by "linker" and no other. 

We also tried running mutiple linker processors but this did not help as they kept conflicting with each other and the end result was no faster.

Any Suggestions or Advice would be appreciated!