HPSM v9.41 Reports and dashbaords

hi there

I am building some dashboards for resolver groups and I noticed that any report (inside the dashboard) with the Source data set to "ToDo" will not function like the actual To Do Queue .. ie when clicking on a ticket the actual ticket should open up to be allowed to be worked on .. instead (when using the To Do report in a dashboard) a "To Do List Record" screen appears and you can not go into the actual ticket from there.  Any suggestions to overcome this?

Product is HPSM v9.41 (codeless) Patch 2



  • I'm curious as to why you would set up a Dashboard with Todo data.

    If your Dashboard were being viewed as a recordlist, then I could understand wishing that a single list of records would populate data from incidents, probsummary, cm3r, etc. But since you're already in a Dashboard, why not have multiple charts/lists in a single Dashboard, each chart with data from the tables which the group works?

    That is, have a single Dashboard, with data in Report 1 from Interactions, Report 2 from Incidents, Report 3 from Changes, Report 4 from Requests, etc.