HPSM 9.31 - LDAP integration: Group mappings

Hi team,

2 questions about HPSM 9.31 - LDAP integration:

1/ Running HPSM 9.31, is there an option to map HPSM groups in addition to mapping user fields (e.g. email address, phone, office ...) ? The idea being that if new users would have to be created in HPSM from the LDAP integration setup, not only the user personal info but also its HPSM group allocation would be populated in the HP platform.

2/ I read the below statement about HPSM 9.31 - LDAP domain integration:

In 9.31 SM can only connect to a single, top level Domain, so you would need to configure an LDAP Proxy server as an intermediary to the domains.

In version 9.32 and above, it is possible to configure a horizontally scaled environment so that different SM application servers can authenticate to different LDAP Domains. I have not configured this since the functionality was introduced, but it was described in the release notes.

From <http://community.hpe.com/t5/Service-Manager-Service-Center/HPSM-9-31-Dual-LDAP-config/m-p/6681438#M124041>

It is not clear to me the benefits of running HPSM 9.32 when it comes to LDAP domain definition. Any clarification would be really welcome.

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