LDAP not working, SM still looking for old ldap server

Dear all,

I'm facing problems getting my users authenticated on my SM. This happened after the LDAP server has changed. On the SM LOG i can see that he still looking for the old LDAP Servers.

After the LDAP server has changed, I replaced the settings on the sm.ini file and on the Menu Navigation – System Administration – Ongoing Maintenance – System – LDAP Mapping of the SM Menu Navigation but still, can someone help me troubleshoot this, there is another way I should change the settings or where is it reading the IP of the old server.



  • Try checking your hosts file in case someone hardcoded your ldap hostname to the old ip address. The other thing to try is to restart SM in case those info are still cached in memory. Some sm.ini setting requires reboot. You can check on SM online help to see if those settings you changed require a restart.