Sometimes quotes are not getting related to Interaction

Hi experts,

We notice that quotes are not getting related in some interactions.
This happens very intermittently, say when 1/20 Interactions have this issue.
1. Checked the Connector and found no issues
2. Linker process is running
As a work around, we are having to manually relate the quotes to the Inteaction.

Any advise will be appreciated.


  • Hello,

    Thank you for the information.

    Is there anything in common with those interaciton tickets without quotes attached? Such as category, assignment group, or timestamp this issue occurred etc?

    There are some scenarios that might cause this issue:

    1> When a quote was generated, the related linker schedule record was not created

    2> The linker schedule record was created, while it was not executed

    3> The linker schedule record was executed, while there was something wrong during execution


    It's better to find clues to replicate the issue, and then debug it to collect more information for further analysis.


  • Dear Estelle,

    There is no pattern on observation.
    In our environment, the catalog is pushed to svcCartitem and then into an Interaction. For those missing related items, the related Action ID is not generated.



  • Dear PB,

    What's the process of creating a quote?

    Is it like > order from catalog > submit a request > an interaction record created > approve > a quote created > quote associated with interaction record?

    How often does it happen? If we monitor for half day, will this issue be seen in environment?


  • Hi Estelle,
    We do not use ESS to submit SRs. We have integrated a third party portal with HPSM through restful API to submit SRs. So there are 2 ways an SR(Interaction) is created:
    The workflow is customized, no approval required.
    1. From thirdparty portal
    submit from portal > create a svccartitem entry > an interaction record created > a quote created > line items created for that quote as designed in model

    2. Directly from "Order from catalog" of HPSM
    order from catalog > submit a request > an interaction record created > a quote created > line items created for that quote as designed in model


  • Verified Answer

    Hi PB, 

    Was the symptom seen in quotes created via both ways?

    In your case, further debug is required.

    We can collect a debug trace of the process of one or both above ways, which you see the problem. This may not reproduce the issue while we can have a benchmark/comparison.

    Then we need to try to reproduce the issue and capture the log file, see where it went wrong.

    You may need to try many times without success, while without replication we will not know what system had done.

    Another way is to stop link process, and start from background, monitor for 1 day (if it happens frequently), and see if you can capture any clue: make sure the log file covers all the transaction after you started from background to when the issue was seen.

    Check the log file, if you see information of executing "" (if you did not customize this area) of related record, it means at least the schedule record was created.

    Then we can check why it failed via debug trace. If this is no such information, probably the schedule record was not created.

    It's better to open a support case to collect and view the debug log.

    We cannot simply say what caused the issue only from the symptom. A debug is required in this situation.

    Hope it helps.


  • Hi Estelle,
    I can say the issue occurs for those Interactions created from third party tool, (not via order from catalog).
    As you mentioned, its very very hard to replicate the issue.
    shall try to open a case but im afraid if there will be much support coz , 1- its a customized workflow, 2- its hard to reproduce issue.

    I really appreciate your prompt response.