Email feature in HPSM 9.41


I manage change management module in HPSM in my company.

I hav a feature of sending email from hpsm by using notify option, under more in Change ticket.

But once I send email, it does not update in ticket. And thus i hav to check my outlook everytime. This makes my followups very difficult.

I hav used BMC remedy in my previous company which was so helpful.

If I had to raise a request I coul send email from outlook and SD was created with all attachement i sent in email

If i had to followp on a ticket with some user, i could send email from remedy ticket. and that email used to get updated in worknotes. And when user replied to the same email, the reply also used to get updated in ticket. It made my followups so simple.

I want to know if this feature is available in HPSM version 9.41 that we have. It will really make all ofnour lifes easy. Right now we hav to followup on every ticket in outlook and update CR which is a pain.

We hav our dev team internally to support. If you have any technical document I will share with them and they will do implementation.

Your urgent attention is required.

Thanks in advance