Refresh Record using Javascript or calling RAD from process designer

on the new SM 9.41 (running in hybrid mode) we have started using the new request fulfillment module. We have validation running on the Additional Properties (making them required to close the task).

When a fulfiller attempts to close the task without the required Additonal Properties being populated, it prompts them with the necessary information, but it then presents the file as read-only (meaning they cannot update the record).

It was discovered that leaving the record and coming back in would make it editable, so as a work around I added a 'refresh' button to the form. This calls the refresh action and makes the field editable. Ideally I would like this to be automatic so that it doesn't give them a sort of false read only setup.

My assumption is that this is because the check happens on the transition in process designer to the closed phase, and that it backs the phase back up (since it failed validation) and so it's presenting a 'stale' copy of the record.


Ideally I would like to do it within Process Designer rather than trying to add a new format control. I had thought to call the rtecall("refresh") function via javascript, but I am having some trouble getting the syntax to work for some reason.