Dash Board Access in HPSM 9.40

Hello Experts,


We have created some dash boards in HPSM and gave access based on user roles.

When we tried logging in with the same user role, we are unable to get the dashboard on login screen.

In Operator -> Startup -> Homepage is set to "Dasboard" and Dashboard is set to respective dashboard we created.

Have checked the reportHelp Script and it is calling lib.settings.getSettingValue(). What is lib settings??


Can you suggest if there are any permissions to be given except this.




  • Hello Naresh,

    Are you setting the Dashboard Homepage to the specific user or to the specific user role?

    From what you explain: Operator -> Startup -> Homepage is set to "Dasboard" this is how to setup the homepage to the specific user not to the specific user role.

    I have tested in the OOB environment and everything works properly. I took a specific user and go to Startup -> Homepage and set it ot "Dashboard". In order this to work you have to choose the Dashboard as well. In my case chose "Monthly Results".

    After that i connected to the web tier with the user and the homepage was the dashboard.

  • Hi,

    Exactly, im trying to assign dashboard to a specific user.

    But, when i login with that profile, i only see a ToDo Queue and the dash board is not getting displayed.




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