HPSM: problem with Inactivity Timer

In our company we have an issue with proper function of Inactivity Timer.
This tool is count downing time during active work - buty only if the
keyboard is used.
If I am typing long text and during this time i will not move the mouse, I
will receive notification from Inactivity Timer and i am log offed. Is
there a chance to set Inactivity timer to count also work with keybiard
into activities? Or is it some patch solving?
Our version is HPSM = 9.34 P3
  • You could submit an enhancement request to HPE and ask for this feature. It will not be simple as you are not sending anything from client to server to tell the server that you are typing. What you type are stored in some sort of cache unless the client can be made to count the cache for increasing keyboard data.

    What you can do is increase the inactivity timer for an individual or at the system level. Just search the SM online help for "Configure inactivity timer settings" and it will provide you with the steps on how to configure it as an admin.