Can I send an email to a group created by a Global List?

Dear folks,

I did a search in the forum and couldn't find a post that addressed this issue.  What I want to do is to send an email to a subset of an assigment group that is located in multiple countries.  I created a global list to group only those members of a particular assignment group (let's call it "Group1") who are located in the U.S.

I then one to send a notification for certain tickets to that subgroup.  I already tried using the Display Variable in the global list as the recipient, but that didn't work.  I know that the notification file is very peculiar regarding what values are saved in the "Recipient(s)" field, so I wasn't surprise that it didn't work.

I will appreciate your suggestions on how to implement this idea and let me know what other information can I offer in order for you to properly assist me.


Kind regards,