Customize using hypertext to open a form within SM

How to customize a form using hypertext such that the link label should open another form within SM.

I mean, clicking on hyperlink on a form should reroute to another form.. Any suggestions to achieve this?

  • Hi,

    A link label works together with a display option so, from the DO you could call a rad or javascript to call a specifc action that opens a form. I suggest you to call a wizard from the display option to display the form you want.


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    It depends what you want to achieve.

    If you need to display a different format for the same file, this can be achieved easily with formatcontrol - Forms - Alternate Forms.

    If you need to display another file and format you could achieve this for example this way:

    I used format "contacts.g" as example.

    Action 1: format "contacts.g": Add a "Link Label" with Button ID=777 for example with caption "OpenDept"

    Action 2: add a displayoption

    Screen ID: contacts.view

    UniqueIE: contacts.view_displaydept

    GUI option : 777

    Text option: 777

    Bank: 1

    User Condition: true

    Action: do nothing

    Default Label: DisplayDept

    RAD - Rad:

    RAD Application: database

    Names: name

    Values: dept


    If you search for a contacts records and click on the button  "OpenDept" this will open the database manager for file "dept".

    This is only an example. If you want to display the same file with another format, usage of the formatcontrol - Alternate Forms is more comfortable and designed for that purpose. You can test it easily by adding in formatcontrol contacs - Forms - Alternate formats a customized form for contacts table. The option "Alternate Forms" allows you to switch between the available forms when you display a contacts record.

    I hope that helps.

    Best regards, Heike

  • Solution : added a link label  in FD, so that it call the DO.  DO in turn calls the new form.

    1. Update the existing FD (say.  SD.update.interaction), with the Link Label button option, where you need to call/display another form. And input can be any variable or new field. " $formid "

    2. Create a link record

    Source field name - $formid , target file name - New table name, target field name - id

    Query:  id#(id in $File)

    inside the link line:-



    3. Create a new DO:- where we need to call the new form 

    Screen ID :  SD.update.interaction, Uniqure ID:  ***_assocform

    Button ID should be unique - 666

    condition: as per the requirement

    Pre RAD Expressions:



     4. Create a new form "NewformName" for the new table (custome table) created.