HP Service Manager - No entries in WSDL Configuration


I'm trying to develop OO flows to create and update Change and Incident using WSDL. I managed to get a previously developed Flow CP which creates a Change and it works fine. We are working on a test environment with SM 9.3x. Now I need to create flows to manipulate Change and Incident. 

I looked into the WSDL Configuration (Tailoring -> Web Services -> WSDL Configuration) in SM, but there are no entries. [Snapshot Attached].

Is there a way to generate a WSDL using SOAP or REST API? Any document which we could refer to? We could do the same using OOTB Operations but the requirement is not to use OOTB Operations. So, we are relying on WSDL.

Thanks in advance.

  • try to check via URL if you are getting wsdl or not.




  • I believe that you misunderstood the concepts.

    At the External Access Definition you will expose HPSM data and functions. For sure, there are, by default, pre-configured for Incident and Change.

    HPSM will generate the WSDL based on the configurations made on the menu. 

    You can consume the services trough SOAP (you use WSDL) or REST (newest versions - don't use WSDL).

    If you don't have the default External Access Definition I can send to you of the versions 9.4 and 9.3.

    Let me know if it solved your question.