Optional Type in the Model components 'default', 'required', optional

What are the uses of 'Optional Type' in the Model components 'default', 'required', optional'.

screenshot attached.

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    To get the selection page of model components Part Conditions--> Show Confirm

    'Optional' can be used for choosing the model components, only when needed. By default, it will not be selected.

    'default' option is used for choosing the default number of model components. By default, the defined No. of components will be populated. Also can be removed completion during the selection model while creating Quote. 

    'required' option is used for choosing atleast 1 model part components in terms of Quantity. By default, it will be 1, and can be increased. but cannot be eliminated.

    The submission of the direct New Quote screens will change based on the options defined in the Model and also on the Part Conditions and Components Conditions.