SM 9.30 web tier installation on vmware

Can anyone guide how to do web tier installation on vmware in detail

SM server is installed in one server whereas web server has been recently migrated to vm onto different server. Web console used to work fine before migration that is when sm server and web server are in same server.

  • Check if your webtier configuration is pointing to the correct SM server hostname and port number. My guess at this stage is that the configuration file web.xml is using localhost instead of the SM server hostname. Best to check Tomcat is working and you can access the tomcat page port 8080 via a browser and then check that you can ping the SM server and telnet the port from the new webtier vmware server.

    The comms between server and webtier are all via Tomcat and how to connect is via the web.xml. So it should work unless I missed something else. I'm assuming no SSL is setup otherwise that's a whole lot of SSL stuff to recreate.