Recalculate a change approval from the cacadeupd file

I would like to initiate a change approval recalculation from within a cascadeupd record.

I am adding a manager approval field from the assignment file to the cm3r file and using that new field in cm3r to add a level of approval by the assignment group manager.

If the assignment group manager changes, I run a cascade update from the assignment table to the cm3r table and do the update. 

The issue I have is with in-flight changes with outstanding approvals.  I can update the manager approver in cm3r but the old manager persists in the current.pending.groups field in cm3r.

My question:  How can I force a change approval recalculation from the cascadeupd file?  I see an expressions tab and a Javascript tab.   Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Paul M.