Connect-IT - LDAP Connector - Configure "entryDN" for Open LDAP

Hello there,

i'm sure it's not the correct location for this topic but i wasn't able to find any Connect-IT related locations.
We are using the Connect IT for our ServiceManager, so i placed it here.

Now to my setup and my problem.

I'm using a "Connect-IT 9.60" software to have a LDAP connection between a "OpenLDAP 2.3" and "ServiceManager 9.35".

The connection to the LDAP itself works [see Open LDAP Config.png] but when the connector tries to open it will come to an error [see Error on open connector.png].
"Cannot extract DN (LDAP Distinguished Name)."
"DSE root entry 'dn': " "

I got the information from the LDAP colleagues that this entry is empty [see Open LDAP empty entryDN.png]

The information we want to get are in "ou=users" [see Open LDAP Structure.png].

So now my question:
We are connecting to the Root DSE with the Connect-IT and get a problem with the empty "entryDN"  there.
What can i do to get a working connection?
Can i define somewhere to enter on the "dc=XXXXXXX, dc=XXX" level or maybe directly to the "ou=users, dc=XXXXXXX, dc=XXX" level?
Or there are any other options i have?

Thank you for your help to resolve the problem!