Attachment and Webservice

Hi experts,


Working on SM7.02.


How could I get back information about attachment with the "RetrieveIncident" webservice ? (trying with SoapUI or with my website). I do not know JS.... :-(


Is it possible to get the attachment back using webservice out of SM7 ?




  • Hi chubaka,


    Would you like to retrieve attachments from incidents tickets?


    I guess earlier froum discuss this thing.



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    abhijit khewale

  • yes indeed,


    but none about how I can get the data back outside SM7.


    For example, I try to get the data from SoapUI. I put the value "true" to attachmentInfo and attachmentData in the RetrieveIncidentRequest.

    I've got his in response :

                      <cmn:attachment href="cid:id4e8dbbec002d704003656d88" len="2870" name="JS_Attach.txt" type="text/plain"/>

    Now, could you explain me which webservices should be invoke to get the data back that I can read it ?

    What is the syntax for this ?


    Thanks for your help


  • Hi C,


    You  are trying to get attachments from IncidentManagement wsdl thats is not possible because attachments are stored in file SYSATTACHMENTS.


    Incidents stores only reference id to that attachments.




  • HI,


    Thanks for your answer.


    I understood that I could not get data from this wsdl but only information about the attachment.


    What I try to ask is ; do I need to invoke another wsdl ? If yes, which one ? And if it is not present, should I build a custom one which can allow me to get the data back ? And what will be the parameters for it ?


    I try to make a new one named Attachments on SYSATTACHMENT table.


    I have now a new wsdl that I added in SoapUI. Even in that case, I can not get data (or binaries) of the attachment.

    I'm a bit lost now and I do not know what to do to get these files attached to an incident.


    Thanks all for your help


  • Verified Answer

    Here is the solution :


    Solution in SoapUI for creating :


    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:pws="" xmlns:com="">
          <pws:CreateIncidentRequest attachmentInfo="true" attachmentData="true" ignoreEmptyElements="true">
                   <pws:Category>International Applications</pws:Category>
                      <pws:IncidentDescription>Test </pws:IncidentDescription>
                   <pws:BriefDescription>Test Création</pws:BriefDescription>
                   <pws:Subcategory>Service Manager</pws:Subcategory>
                   <pws:ProductType>User Administration</pws:ProductType>
                      <com:attachment href="&lt;UserData.txt>" contentId="" action="add" name="UserData.txt" type="" len="" charset="" attachmentType=""/>


    As you can see, careful to the attribut "com:attachment" : 

    The href should start with &lt; because it the non coded html tag (Ex : href="&lt;UserData.txt>") and finish by the usual tag ">"



    Hope this help someone one day.


    Best regards

  • Hello Chubaka,


    The solution is to insert attachment to a Incident via webservice. Is there any way to get the attachement from Service manager using webservice (or using Connect IT).


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  • Hi Chubaka,

    Thanks for sharing this.

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