(SM) Support Tip : JavaScript variables in "Send HTML email" rule

Hi All,


Imagine the situation you've got multiple email addresses without being assigned neither to a contact nor an operator and you need to send out HTML notification to them for IM, SD, etc…

So you need to set a variables in the JavaScript option that defines the recipients addresses in the HTML email rule.


The syntax is:



users[1]="user2@gmail.com ";

users[2]="user3@gmail.com ";

users[3]="user4@gmail.com ";






  • Alex, I've tried to do this, and received error messages such as "users not defined."  I'm trying to do this in a for loop, like so:

    for (var i = 0; i < arrayLength; i ) {
       print("CI: " assetStringArray[i]);
       print ("Users: " users);

    If I do it without the index, it will only send to the last group members in the array.

    What am I doing wrong?