I fail to create a custom patch from 9.32 to 9.41


I would like to upgrade from SM9.32 to SM9.41.
But I fail to create a custom patch.

I installed Upgrade Utility.
And I resolve conflict.
I would create custom patch, but it stop when export.
Why SM Application upgrade builder cannot create?

Step 6-1 Purge dupulicate data」 [Yes]
Step 6-2 Check information  [English, Japanese]
Step 6-3 Input the name [SM941CustomPatch]
Step 6-4 Patch path [C:\CustomPatch]
Step 6-5 choose action [Complete Upgrade Build(recoommend)]
Step 6-6 Decide to filter [check] (if un-check, the result is the same)
Step 6-7 create update [Next]


See below to resolve conflict:

- "Renamed" type -> "Mass Auto Update" and "Mass Mark as Reconciled"
- "Previsiously Reconciled" type -> "Merge" ,research conflict, manual merge,"Mark as Reconciled"
- "Auto Merge" -> "Mass Mark as Reconciled"
- "Kept Customer Non - OOB" type -> "Merge" ,research conflict, manual merge,"Mark as Reconciled"


Check log:
-detail.log: stop when create upgrade.inf
-upgrade.log: stop log "**** Start Phase [Export Data] ****"
-sm.log: no error about create custom upgrade


..\bin\diff3: C:\temp\upgrade\sm9.41.0020_UP\AppUpgrade\application-9.41.0020-UP\localized_app_upgrade\SM7.10-9.41.0020_L10N\3waymerge\work\base\globallists\KM_Status.xml: No such file or directory
..\bin\diff3: C:\temp\upgrade\sm9.41.0020_UP\AppUpgrade\application-9.41.0020-UP\localized_app_upgrade\SM7.10-9.41.0020_L10N\3waymerge\work\base\globallists\ICM_Status.xml: No such file or directory
..\bin\diff3: C:\temp\upgrade\sm9.41.0020_UP\AppUpgrade\application-9.41.0020-UP\localized_app_upgrade\SM7.10-9.41.0020_L10N\3waymerge\work\base\SearchConfig\probsummary.xml: No such file or directory
..\bin\diff3: C:\temp\upgrade\sm9.41.0020_UP\AppUpgrade\application-9.41.0020-UP\localized_app_upgrade\SM7.10-9.41.0020_L10N\3waymerge\work\base\globallists\scripts.xml: No such file or directory
..\bin\diff3: C:\temp\upgrade\sm9.41.0020_UP\AppUpgrade\application-9.41.0020-UP\localized_app_upgrade\SM7.10-9.41.0020_L10N\3waymerge\work\base\screlconfig\problem.xml: No such file or directory


create below files, but other file didn't create

data folder (empty)

Windows client error:
Unrecoverable error in application: sm.upgrade.ux on panel call.create.upgrade
SQL State: 42S02-208 Message: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]object name 'UPGRADETOCM1' is invalid. (apm.upgrade.export,prep.dump.code)
SQL State: 42000-11529 Message: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server] cannot specify meta data. It occured all code path. (apm.upg
Additional errors have been written to the log. Contact your system administrator (apm.upgrade.export,prep.dump.code)
SCFile name upgradetoc is not a Service Manager file.
Script 'upgradeUtility' line 9: ERROR TypeError: file.doSelect is not a function at char 1
Cannot evaluate expression jscall("upgradeHelper.addFileToTOC", "upgradecode.dta") (apm.upgrade.export,prep.dump.code)
Bad arg(2) oper = (apm.upgrade.export,prep.dump.code)
Cannot evaluate expression (apm.upgrade.export,prep.dump.code)
Process panel prep.dump.code in RAD apm.upgrade.export encountered error in line 2 (apm.upgrade.export,prep.dump.code)


-> I research dbdict and MS SQL Management studio, but SM has not UPGRADETOCM1 table.
Why ??

Best Regards,

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