Different behaviors with checkbox form control

I am using Service Manager v 9.41 and when a checkbox is used in a form, it works perfectly with Service Manager Client but not with Web client. It is supposed to show a set of controls when input associated to checkbox is set to true and to hide them when checkbox is cleared. This works with Windows client but not with Web client.
What seems to be the matter?
Beforehand thanks for your support.

  • Hi,

    I've noticed some customers with the same behavior. I suggest you to engage support on this through a support ticket so you could confirm if a defect is already open.

    I'll try to get more info about this.


  • DVD Controls based on checkboxes in webtier have been wonky for ages. I'm not sure why, but they will work intially and after additional form edits, they sometimes stop working. Oddly, I usually have problems with this in Interactions.

    I have had success with the following approaches:

    • Delete the checkbox completely from the form. Save the form. Then re-add the checkbox. This sometimes fixes the issue.
    • In a small number of cases the only way I could work around the problem was by using a combo box instead of a checkbox, setting the value list to true/false.