Ability to associate CHM record to a PBM Mgmt. task..

Hi Experts,

As per the Process in HPSM, a Change ticket can only be opened/linked from a Know Error record and not directly from a Problem Task.

In your experience , have you ever come across the situation where the process has been changed to allow a PM task to be directly linked to a CM ticket.

How can I implement the same? What pros and cons do you see if this is allowed?

Please give your valuable input regarding the same.



  • Verified Answer

    I've never seen the link at the problem task level, but have had customers move it to problem from KE. In either case the steps are similar:

    1. Create a screalconfig record for the table (rootcasuetask). You can use the knownerror record as a model.

    2. Access the document engine Object for the table, then view the default State record. 

    3. Add screlation process calls to the Actions listed. Use an existing State record that has screlation configured as an example.

    4. Access the display screen called by the State. Add display options to enable the Related > Change > Open, Related > Change > View, and Related > Change > Associate menu options. 

  • Hi John,

    Thanks a ton for your reply.

    I am accepting it as solution. I have successfully implemented the same and it's perfectly functioning as well.

    Thanks again.