Problem using HTML viewer, a href sclink

Hi everyone,


first I'd like to tell that we already have some code doing it... so I basically just copy/paste it.


so this code works :

strHTML = "<TD " strColumnWidth " >" "<a href=\"sclink://;" r.logical_name "&quot;\">" r.myasset "</a></TD>";


and it produces this link in the HTML : sclink://attachment/?table=device&"SR0293066"



However... it seems when you create your own table... this doesn't work anymore.

strHTML = "<TD " strColumnWidth " >" "<a href=\"sclink://hqcm3rlce:id=&quot;" "&quot;\">" r.my_title "</a></TD>";


it makes this :  sclink://attachment/?table=hqcm3rlce&query=id="LCE0000013"



Is it something I'm missing?


Please help.

Thanks in advance.