Using workflow diagrams in service catalog


We are currently working on our service catalog and one of the requirements is that when a service is selected we need to publish a diagram next to that service. These diagrams are actual the flow of the service stages. These diagrams have been created using VISIO.

How do we achieve dynamic diagrams to be displayed in the FORM. Any approach is fine. i.e. Storing the digrams at the file system level and referencing them dynamically with a name in the images directory. Or loading them in a table.

What is required is a step by step guide to achieve either.

Any pointers / tips and suggestion in that direction.



  • This question could have several different answers, I suppose - depending on what version of SM you're on, whether you're using ESS or SRC for your catalog, etc.

    (1:) If you're on Process Designer and you have the Workflow Viewer control in Form Designer (can't remember in what version that control was introduced), you could replicate those diagrams in Process Designer as workflows, and then simply use a Workflow Viewer to display them on the ESS form.

    (2:) I've had success in doing it this way, too: Add an HTML Viewer control to the form with an Input of $L.diagram. Save your diagrams as images on your web server (in the SM webapp directory, for example). On the display screen which shows the catalog item, put something like the following in the Initialization Expressions.

    if (serviceNameField == "ServiceA") {
    system.vars.$L_diagram = "<img src=\"";}">hostname:portNumber/.../diagram1.png\">";}
    if (serviceNameField == "ServiceB") {
    system.vars.$L_diagram = "<img src=\"";}">hostname:portNumber/.../diagram2.png\">";}
    if (serviceNameField == "ServiceC") {
    system.vars.$L_diagram = "<img src=\"";}">hostname:portNumber/.../diagram3.png\">";}
    if (serviceNameField == "ServiceD") {
    system.vars.$L_diagram = "<img src=\"";}">hostname:portNumber/.../diagram4.png\">";}


    If neither of those options function for you, what version of SM are you using, and are you using ESS or SRC for your catalog?