SM9.40: Make form Read Only for certain CI Types

I am trying to make all fields on a form read only when the CI type is a certain type. I have tried displayscrreen and formatctrl(priviledges). How is the easiest way to accomplish this. Have been using SM for only a year, but have not been able to find much info or get the info that I have found to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Hi Nadia2485,

    You can perform that from the form itsefl using DVD conditions.

    Here is an example: Let's say that I need to put readonly the "Version" field when the citype is equal to "application"

    1- Go to the form designer and look for "congigurationItem" record or the one you use to display the items. 

    2- Click on the version text box. In the properties,  let's look for the "read only condition" one and add this: [type]="application"

    3- Click OK and OK

    4- Test it

    As you see, the name of the field should be into [ ] and then the value you want the condition to apply.

    I hope it helps.


  • There is an Out-of-the-Box functionality to solve your issue.

    In "Configuration Management Security Profile" there is a tab "CI Type Restrictions".

    Here you can enter CI types the operator should have limited access to.
    For example if you enter here "computer" the operator will not have the "Save" and "Save and Exit" buttons anymore for CIs with type "computer" and the format is displayed read-only for "computer" CIs.