How to do a list with group of records on service manager

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I want to know --> How to do a list with group of records on service manager as the view Incidents by Operator but with another table, this tables was created recently. 

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  • Verified Answer

    If you want to be able to define a queue and related views (e.g. Incidents, Interactions, Changes, etc.), the new table needs a dedicated Object record. 

    • You can start by copying the DEFAULT Object. Do not accidentally click Save after changing the object name to your tablename (this would overwrite the DEFAULT Object, which would not be good).
    • The Manage Queue tab of the Object must be filled in. Use and existing object as an example. Enable views for the table in the Object..
    • Define at least one view for the table. If the logged-in user does not have access to any views for a table, they will not see the table as an option in the Queue list.
    • Define an sc.manage format for the queue. 


    If you just want to be able to search for records in the table (e.g. and display a list of results, a dedicated object is not needed. 

    • In the format control for the detail form, make sure the Access via DB Mgr option condition evaluates to true.
    • If you have not done so, define a list format (a .qbe form) using the forms designer wizard. The form should follow the format [tablename].qbe (e.g. myCustomTable.qbe).
    • From database manager, search for the table, select the form, and you should be able to execute the search. 
    • You can also add a menu item to link to the table for searching. You can use a line from an existing menu that calls the database application as a model.