How to read the value of rows (records) from a table in Approval phase

Hi Team,


Form name : ApprovalLog.vj.g.horz

Table with columns : Actions , Approver/operator , By , ..


I want to set a user condition in Display options (cm.view.display) , but for 1 record in the table it will work 

 how can i apply a condition that can read and check multiple record of the table.







  • The table is just a virtual join: it just displays the ApprovalLog records for the ticket, but the values are not available to process. 


    You can separately query the ApprovalLog table for approval records and recursively work though the result. If you only want them to be able to access the ApprovalLog record if one of the items was denied, you could run a query only for log entries where the ticket number and phase match the current record and the action was denied.