Adding User Manual to the Change Form

Hi All,

My requirement is to add the user manuals in the change ticket and it will be visible and downloadable by the change ticket creator for particular change category tickets.

KIndly give me an idea how to achieve this by loading the manual in the SM server only. 

My customer did not agree for the us.launch.external by calling the sharepoint link.


Many Thanks in Advance.



  • Adding the manuals as knowledge documents would be the solution which most closely aligns with OOB functionality. You could define a KM document type specificly for change user guides and filter when the user executes the link. If using templates/models you could define the manual link in the template so that it would be available as an inut for a button/action.

    If you require that a change model be selected to open a change, you could  potentially add an attachment object to the models and allow the user to access a read-only model form from which they could download the file.