HP Service Manager integration with OP5/Nagios


Too make a long story short.

We are in a phase to automate our event management to offload our operations divition, atm our operations take care of all monitoring events and forward these to our service desk, this is a manual and time consuming work.

So we want to integrate OP5 (Monitoring system) with HPE service manager, so based on the information from OP5 we want HPSM to automaticlly registrer a ticket, place on on the right group/person and set severity and SLA level and so on.

Too be honest i have never worked with HPE Service Manager in my life, this is completley new too me, so i want to know how to achive this.

I hope one of you kind souls can help out :)




  • Hi Mattias.

    I realize that you might not be looking for professional support at the moment, but if you need our help you are very welcome to contact us.

    I am not aware of any existing HPSM integrations but I'll look around and see if I can find something.

    Best regards
    Mikael Falkvidd
    op5  Development Team Lead

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