Linker Issue



In Service Manager we have created a customized item in service catelog.
If we raise a ticket for that item, an incident request Id will be created first with status as open-Idle and then automatically a change request Id will be created by changing the status to open-Linked.We are having two change phases before closing this change id. Once if we close the change Id , Incident Id will also get closed automatically.


This is working fine in our development environment. In production whenever we raise a ticket against that item in service catelog, Incident id is created with status as open-Idle and a change Id is also created automatically but the status remains in open-Idle. It is not changing to open-Linked even though change id is created.


We checked in system status and found that Linker process is not appearing. Hence we killed the Support Catalog Fulfillment sheduler task for the particluar incident Id, restarted the lineker process after that only status of the incident has changed to open-Linked.


Can anyone help me why this problem is occurring and how to fix it. Thanks.



  • HI,

    Is your linker process going down frequently ?
    If so then you can add 'anubis' to auto restart it, and check log files to get the reason of it. Check forum for anubis.
    If not then once a while down of process is acceptable.

  • Hello Maheswari,


    You can also run a trace file over the linker backgroung process to review what is happening and try to find the cause of the issue:


    The steps to trace the "linker" process are:

    1.  Ensure that the Service Manager Server is running.
    2.  Kill the Linker process which is running in System Status.

    The steps to kill the linker process are:

    2.1.  Login to Service Manager as the administrator
    2.2  Type status in the command line and hit enter.
    2.3  Under system status search for the user name linker.
    2.4  In the command column for linker type k
    2.5  Click on execute commands

    3.  From the Service Manger Server open Windows Command prompt
    4.  Navigate to the Service Manager RUN Directory
    5. In the Service Manager RUN Directory, execute the following command:

    *NOTE: Do not copy/paste this command.  Instead, type the command in manually.
         sm -bg scheduler linker 60 1 -RTM:3 -debugdbquery:999 -log:linker.log
    6.  The command prompt should be kept open. (it appears to be in hung state)
    7.  Replicate the issue.
    8. The trace is generated in linker.log file in the path X:\Program Files\HP\Service Manager x.xx\Server\RUN



  • Thanks Alejandro!

    The error is from the linker logs which i traced with a seperate debug port opened to reproduced the issue.

    Also out print in sl to check what exactly "activityText" value are during ioaction.

    Issue is intermitent and only in PROD. env. reason not reproducable .
    Also it is not a data issue because with same data result is different.

    Can anyone have any such experience in past ,please shrare!

    Thanks in Advance!

  • Hi Piku,

    Linker process is running and working fine!

    Their is no issue in processing schedule record and their corresponding action /updates.