Do not see non-catalog or Service items in SRC Web UI . Only cart catalog items and categories are d

We are currently running HPSM 9.34 and are in the process of deploying both Self Service Portal and the new SRC Web UI. In Self Service Portal, we have menu choices for Order from Catalog and Non-Cart Catalog Requests. Both sections work okay but the majority of our service offerings are Non-Cart as we want to control the connector type and field data when a submission is made. The challenge we are having with SRC Web UI is everybody loved the look and feel but when we click on Services and load the catalog items, the Non-Cart and Service items do not show up. Are we missing something during the deployment / activation of SRC? I have read in these forums of clients complaining that they see both cart and non-cart items in the SRC and we would like to have that issue. In SRC, the only items that show up are the Cart Catalog items and nothing else.