Export Text file in web client

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I am exporting list of recorde from interaction, when I am trying to export through text file it is exporting but I am able to see only successfull message but no data file found anywhere.  Please find the screesnhots for the same.


Please help me.


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  • When performing the export to text do you see and or all of these items below? The screenshot looks like you're using Firefox.


    1. Click Export to Text

    2. A format appears asking what type of export: CSV, Tab, Comma, etc

    3. After selecting the option you click the green checkmark

    4. A window appears asking you where you want to save the file.

    5. You click OK and a new window appears showing Windows Explorer.....

    6. You click save and the file is saved.


    What version of the webtier is this? The screenshot would indicate either 9.34, 9.35 or 9.40?

    Have you tried exporting with a browser other than FF? (i.e. Chrome, IE).

  • Dear Experts,


    Thank you for your reply.


    Actually it is working for normal webtier I mean export to textfile is happening for normal web tier URL but when I am tried to login with SSO URL then this is happening. Please suggest.