Removing IR keys from probsummary

Is it possible to remove the IR keys from probsummary and still continue to search by title or description? OCML does not have any IR keys and we able to search by description from the search screen.


  • Hello Noemi,

    hope you are doing fine.

    There is no special procedure for removing IR keys.
    You just simply need to open the dbdict for the table you would like to modify.
    Than deleted the wanted key from the IR key section.(let me know if details on this are required)
    This procedure is also included in the document bellow How to improve IR performance:

    I am not sure if this process will affect the search function by description, you could test it on your test environment.

  • Hello Noemi,

        The IR keys are used for the IR expert, which is an engine that makes 'smart' searches using indexes on specific fields (which improves the performance on the query), and also looks for similar data based on relevance logics and not a plain word by word search, it will improve the concordance of the results returned, making the searches have more sense. However, you should be able to do a search without an IR Key, is just not an IR query-