SM9.34.4001 - Expand CI Visualisation tool not working for some CIs


The 'Expand CI Visualization' tool isn't working for some CIs in our system. It reports error message 'Error. Click details'. When clicking on the details the following error message appears: "Application Blocked. Your security settings have blocked an application signed with an expired or not-yet-valid certificate from running". This issue appears to be related to JavaScript errors.

I can 'fix' this issue by adding our systems URL to the JAVA White list but our users do not have access to do this in our environment so that is not a real solution.

It would seem that the the JAVA applet utilised by the CI Visualisation function is using an invalid signing certificate. Is there any way we can fix this? can we change the signing certificate for this?
  • Hello Jamie,

    It seems some of your end-users meet this CI Visualizer issue.
    We have managed such a CI Visualizer issue with some customers.
     provided solutions were,
       - install proper java 32bit on end-user's laptop.
       - change IE's security options
       - upgrade/reinstall IE and its java
    From provided inforamtion, we are not sure what is right solution for your issue but it can be resolved by HP Support Service.

    Could you open a new support case ?
    In order to resolve your issue, assigned engineer will review your system information, investigate logs and do an webex if needed.

    Support Engineer

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