SRC: How can I remove the dashboard tab from SRC?

Hello HPSM Gurus,

As a part of my requirement,  1) I want to remove/Hide the "Dashboard" Tab from SRC. Application context file only has variables available for deactivationg Support, services or subscription but not Dashboard

 2)  I also want the landing page to be the "Services" tab.

I am using all those widgets in support and services tab, so I do not wish to have the Dashboard.  It is confusing for the user from where to go from there to search for the "browse catalog" link. Kindly help me achieve the above two requests. Thanks for the help. 



  • Hello Mishrasx

    hope you are doing fine.

    could you please let me know what is your currently SRC version? we should first consult the specific SRC guide in order to figure out if this is possible to make.

    Howeber, as I remember when hide / remove is required, I think that option is available in in most of cases. 

  • Hello Carlos,

    Thanks for the reply. SRC version is 9.33. I have gone through the SRC customization guide and have looked into the files, it only has the support, services and subscription variables defined which we can control to show or hide. There is no anabling variable for Dashboard. Kindly help me figure out how I can hide the dashborad. Thank you.


  • Hello Sudesna,

    It is not currently possibe to hide or remove the entire Dashboard pane from the SRC. If this is an important functionality for your environment, I recommend that you submit an Enhancement Request via the HPE Support Site. If this resolves your question, please Accept as Solution.