Unrecoverable error in application: sm.patchrel.wizard on panel load.data.external


we're currently upgrading our Servicemanager Development System from 9.40 P3 to 9.41. When we're loading the patchrel.unl, following messages appeared:

But we're also getting positiv messages:

Do somebody know the error messages and can help?!



  • Hello,


    The detail.log file stops by this message:

    2016-05-18 14:37:01 Loading file 'D:\HP\Service Manager 9.30\UpgradeFiles\Application\application-9.41.0020-patchrel\AppPatchMgr\SM9.40-9.41.0020\data/PD_sigs.dta'...

    Could you please verify if the PD_sigs.dta exist in the directory "D:\HP\Service Manager 9.30\UpgradeFiles\Application\application-9.41.0020-patchrel\AppPatchMgr\SM9.40-9.41.0020\data"

    If yes could you please retry and provide a sm log file with detailled parameters like rtm:3 and debugdbquery:999.

  • Hello,

    thanks for your reply.

    The PD_sigs.dta is in the in the given path.

    I've done the upgrade steps again, with rtm:3 and debuggingquery:999

    I've attached the latest logfiles (it has generated 4 logfiles).

    Regards, Magdalena


  • Hello Magda-B

    The problem you have is that in the system you are loading the data there is no DBDICT record for table signatures

    RTE D DBFIND^F^dbdict(sqlserver I)^1^0.000000^ ^0^0.000000^"name="signatures""

    Because of this when attemping to load data the application fails to.

    Please restore the signatures dbdict from another similar system or look if prior upgrading the system the record existed at the dbdict. If not, load it from an SM OOB system that matches the version you are upgrading from.


  • Hello JD_Jinesta,

    thank you for your reply. We've loaded the dbdict and started applying the patch again.

    After that we've got a Script error, because the dbdict kmquery was not existing. So we loaded this dbdict too and startetd applying the patch again.

    We could see, that it deletes the dbdict kmquery, and after some time we've got a message from an other Scriptlibrary, because dbdict kmquery was not existing. We had a look at the secRoles and maybe there is a problem.

    When we put the system administrator role in the operator, the rolename changed to change implementor.

    Now we've requested a database restore to start over. I will keep you up to date.