Sending Image from HTML mail

Hi Experts,


I have a requirement of sending image from HTML mail.

I tried to add image by clicking the image button in HTML template tab, but couldn’t succeed in adding image.


Please provide me a steps to add image into HTML mail.


Thanks in Advance.



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    The image options in the toolbar cannot add images for HTML Email Templates. The HTML editor was originally developed to support KM authoring, where images are attached and then linked to from the KM Document. These images would not be accessible in an email. You need to edit the source HTML directly.


    Using the Source editor, add a URL pointing to the to an image file that can be accessed from your recipient's email clients:

    <h1 style="COLOR: #036; FONT-SIZE: 24px"><img border="0" alt="PLACEHOLDER TEXT" width="250" height="95" src="" />



    To add the New York Times Logo to the email template, you would link to an NYT image url:

    <h1 style="COLOR: #036; FONT-SIZE: 24px"><img border="0" alt="New York Times Logo" width="379" height="64" src="" />

     It would display as follows if added before the Header line to the OOB IM Update HTML Template:




     If the user's email client cannot access the URL the image placeholder text will display.


    Here's how it was added in the source editor:

    <td valign="top" align="left" style="WIDTH: 100%">
    <h1 style="COLOR: #036; FONT-SIZE: 24px"><img width="379" height="64" border="0" alt="New York Times Logo" src="" /></h1>
    <h1 style="FONT-SIZE: 24px; COLOR: #036">HP Service Manager</h1>

    Thankyou Very much John :)


    Now am bale to send image from HTML Mail.

  • Thank you very much, helped me a lot, you know how the sin pixele picture is enlarged?

  • Hello,

    I am trying to send the mail with images from the central. So i have placed the images (png) in HPOO server and calling those images along with some content using  HTML tag

    <img style="HEIGHT: 0.614in; WIDTH: 1.468in" alt="" width="400" height="100" src="E:\header.png" /> .

    In the email, i am getting only the content not the images.

    I thought it might because of restriction but am able to read or get other details which i have placed in the same folder.

    and if i run the same flow from the local studio where the images also saved in my local drive. I am getting email with content and images.

    Is it because of location of images in server. Is there any constrain on image location ? or am i missing any configuration on server?