back one previous phase in Change Management

Hi expert:

I have one question about "Phase Change of Change Management".

I would like to back one previous phase with my customize button.
When change phase, I would not to approve the ticket.
I confirm like that found forum asking.
But My requirement is different from that.
I would like to only change one prev phase.

I think that might be $phasepntr variables is keypoint.

I give it a try creating display option.
Post RAD expression: $phasepntr-=2

But phase is not changed the ticket.

link browken:

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  • I suppose you are in a SM version without Process Designer? Changing a $phasepntr variable isn't enough, you need to save a ticket also. I guess that's the problem.

    I assume there are number of ways to do this, but you could check a process (Database Manager: table -> process) called "". Let's use it.

    At first, copy it example to "cm.previous.phase". In a "Initial expressions" page, change two first lines

    if (filename($L.file)="cm3r") then $phasepntr =1
    if (filename($L.file)="cm3t") then $tphasepntr =1


    if (filename($L.file)="cm3r") then $phasepntr-=2
    if (filename($L.file)="cm3t") then $tphasepntr-=2

    (I'm not sure did you want to go backwards one or two steps, but use -1 if only one step.)

    Save your changes.

    You already have a Display Option, so let's modify that. Change it's action for example to "prevousphase". (Name is not important, as long as you refer to a same action in a State.) Then, open a state (Tailoring > Document Engine > States) called cm.view and add a following line to end of it: (cm.view is the most often used, so I use it in my example.)

    Display action: previousphase
    Process name: cm.previous.phase
    Condition: true

    Save changes.

    Now you should be able to change a Change ticket two steps back from a current position. The RAD application does the actual change in a background.

    I didn't understand how the approvals were linked to this, but if this wasn't you're looking for, please clarify a bit that part.

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    Thank you for your reply, 


    I study your reply.

    I try below configuration.
    I did it.

    Warning: My OOB is not use Change Task function.

    (1) Add display option

    Open display option
    search "cm.view.display"
    copy "cm.view.display_nextphase" to

    screen id:    cm.view.display
    id:    cm.view.display_backphase_myconf
    gui option:    29 (Exsample)
    condition:    true

    action:    prebphase

    default Label    Prev Phase

    save config

    Open Process
    Search ""
    Copy Process "" to "cm.prev.phase.myconf"

    modify first line of pre.expressions
    Before modify:
    if (filename($L.file)="cm3r") then $phasepntr =1

    After modify:
    if (filename($L.file)="cm3r") then $phasepntr-=1

    *if I use change task function, I shoud consider second line.

    "if (filename($L.file)="cm3t") then $tphasepntr =1"

    save config

    Before status modify,
    backup "cm.view" status. ex) cm.view.bak

    Add below setting
    Display action:    prebphase
    Process:    cm.prev.shase.myconf
    condition: true

    save config

    Add Button in Format, and set GUI option number.(refer to (1))