HPSM 9.31 Dual LDAP config



Has anyone setup a dual LDAP configuration using HPSM 9.31?  It seems HPSM 9.31 only supports a single LDAP connection. We have also heard that the one thing that most customers do is to leverage LDAP options that support multiple ldap sources as a single connection.  example... SM connects to a specific LDAP but behind that single source are multiple LDAP nodes. 


Just wondering if anyone has found any other workarounds for dual ldap configuration






  • In 9.31 SM can only connect to a single, top level Domain, so you would need to configure an LDAP Proxy server as an intermediary to the domains. 



    In version 9.32 and above, it is possible to configure a horizontally scaled environment so that different SM application servers can authenticate to different LDAP Domains. I have not configured this since the functionality was introduced, but it was described in the release notes.


    If you wish to authenticate SM users that belong to different domains or sub domains,

    • you can deploy multiple LDAP servers that belong to the corresponding domains, and then set up a horizontal scaled (HS) cluster.
    • By proper configuration, users belong to Domain 1 can directly connect to server node 1 and get authenticated by LDAP server 1, users belong to Domain 2 can directly connect to server node 2 and get authenticated by LDAP server 2.
    • Hence, they can share the same database while at the same time get authenticated for their domain.


  • Hello , SM can authenticate against one source such as LDAP , 

    in your case you need to connect to one LDAP that have all the information of other ldaps , 

    if you are working with AD with multi domain environment , try to connect the global catalog