Asking for Support about indexation and Research

Hi Everybody.

Could anybody has an answer to the following questions:

1- How are incidents indexed in the knowledge base?

2- How to integrate pdf files?

3- How to propose a document at the seizing moment?

I have a Hp Service Manager Version 9.34.

I am looking forward to your kind reply.

Thanks for your help

  • Hello Mouzong.

    hope you are doing well.

    I think all the information you are requesting for is on the link below:

    hope this helps.

  • Hi Mouzong,

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you help others as others help you. Most of your answers can be found in the online help.

    1) The incidents at one point will have fields defined in the Incidents KB copied into KM temp records. These are then processed when the Index background alongs other KBs into the Knowledge Management. There are different types of KBs.

    2) In the KM Configuration, you can add pdf type to be indexed for the kb. I think for the webclient, you may need to add pdf to some sort of whitelist in the web.xml. Do a search, I think someone asked about this before.

    3) This bit from online help answers it best. I assume you are wondering how to get Incidents solution to KM doc.

    Knowledge Management integrates with Incident Management so that users updating incidents can search for similar issues with solutions in the knowledgebases. The knowledge search uses the incident description to search. When searching for knowledge, Knowledge Management uses what is mapped by the integration field mappings to search each knowledgebase. This mapping specifies the fields and tables to search in the knowledgebases to which the user has access. For example in the out-of-box system, a user with browse access in Service Desk and Incident Management can view all relevant Incident and Interaction records in a search and those knowledge documents in categories to which the user has access.

    The search results display a list of relevant documents. The user can view each document and then has the option of displaying and then using the text in one of the documents as a resolution to the Incident record. If the user chooses to use a resolved record, the system automatically populates the solution in the record based on the record mapping being reviewed for the knowledgebase. For example, if in a search you find an Incident record that includes a resolution, you can use Use Solution to copy the data from the resolution or workaround field to insert it into the solution (resolution field) of the open Incident record.

    You can use Create Knowledge to contribute a new knowledge document from a resolved Incident record so that the data in the mapped fields is used in the knowledge document. The field mappings and the document type determine which fields in the knowledge document are populated with data from the resolved record.

    The field mappings specify:

    • The fields passed from the incident to the search
    • The fields passed from a knowledgebase record to the incident
    • The fields passed from an Incident record to create a knowledge document

    Note: The Use Solution option is available from knowledge documents, Incident and Interaction knowledge candidates with resolutions, and Known Error and Problem knowledge candidates with workarounds.