Closing tasks should notify the assignee of the parent ticket

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When closing change tasks the corresponding assignee of the related CR should be notified through email , please suggest.

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    I found the following QCCR: QCCRR1E94251, where a customer was having issues with this feature, it is very old regarding the versions but it was deferred. After checking the new versions it seems that this feature hasn't been reported. My suggestion is to open a case in order to contact to the R&D team so that way the can evaluate this feature, and you can reffer this QCCR.

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    Hi Madhu84,

    There are many ways to achieve that by tailor and its easier then it may look.

    The easiest and cleaner that came to my mind now is to create a js function to return the assignee of the change and call these function via jscall in the Recipents of the Notification. It will work in a system with or without PD.

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    Breno Abreu