Tips: How to localize the validation message in HPE Service Manager 9.4x Process Designer

If you'd like to change the validation message from "Primary Affected Service is required" to "Service concerné primaire est nécessaire".


Some of you may try to invent a new mechanism to do it. And in this artical, I'm going to show you how to do it with build-in method in 3 steps:

First of all, you need to define a validation Rule, for example, in Out-of-Box (OOTB), the Ruleset im.standard.mandatory includes followling Rule to validate the mandantory of "Primary Affected Service":

Then you need to localize the message "Primary Affected Service is required". Actually this message is composited like below:

To localize the message, you need to add a new record in scmessage like below:

To localize the field caption, you need to add another new record in scmessage like below:

Then when you login as French, your validation message will display like below: